The Balance Procedure E-Book covers the all the background of the procedure and explains all aspects of being in Balance…..





The Balance Procedure is a simple and easily applicable energy-based technique developed by Jenny and Alan Cox in 2007.

‘We create our reality through thought and imagination

Mind is one of your most powerful assets

Mind through the process of thought and imagination create your reality.  You and everything you experience in life are the direct result of your thoughts. The ability to control your thoughts will allow you to choose what experiences, people and events you create in your life.  Understanding this metaphysical concept that we each ‘create our own reality,’ the external world can serve as a mirror which reflects what we think and believe about ourselves and life.  Observing the external world this way can show us aspects of ourselves that we can’t see directly.  Our reality is an outer reflection of inner thoughts.  The Balance Procedure uses the information from the reflection of our lives to change core beliefs that keep us stuck in the same limiting or self-defeating patterns.  Awareness of self is a vital part of the Balance Procedure.  As you grow in self-awareness, you will better understand why you feel what you feel, and why you behave as you behave.  Understanding this will give you the choice to change and create the life you want.  Self acceptance and change become possible with this simple procedure.  As we become more conscious and release old thought patterns, we automatically create more balance harmony, abundance, and fulfilment in our lives’.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best…

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


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