Workshops in The Balance Procedure

If you would like to attend a workshop or would like a talk and demonstration to your group
contact me or a local Trainer

Level 1 workshop in The Balance Procedure

The Level One workshop is taught online or at live events.  

Online consists of two 2 hour sessions spread over a week. This time lapse gives the student or students time to practice using their new-found skills on their family and friends.

This course can also be presented as a one day live course which ideally has 4 or more participants. 

At the end of their training students will feel confident to use the technique themselves, and share their knowledge with family and friends. 

Please contact Alan on for deta

The Level 2 Practitioner workshop in TBP

The Advanced Level is taught online or at live events. 

Completing the Level one training is perquisite to attending the Advanced  Course which is taught by Alan or one of his many Trainers, go to the Meet our Trainers Section to choose. These trainings are also taught over two days online, and  at live workshops.

There will be a week’s gap to enable the students to conduct a number of one-to-one study sessions and to complete their case studies.  After completing this accredited course you will be able to present one-to-one study sessions in a professional manner to your own students.  

Following your two-day training, your Trainer will check all your case studies; then following a Zoom call with Alan, your accredited certificate will be issued.

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