The Balance Labyrinth

There are many Labyrinths in various places all over the UK with a notable one being in Wakefield Cathedral. As you walk a Labyrinth you can quickly feel a surprising sense of calm and tranquility come over you. Labyrinths have been used in many cultures and religions for centuries, and in this country date back to the Middle Ages.

Alan decided to add the energy of Labyrinths to the energy of The Balance Procedure, which can then make a a significant difference to the way a person feels.

He noticed especially since lockdown that many people can feel completely overwhelmed and stuck. And although TBP works very effectively,  Alan found that having a different approach can sometimes be needed.

A short time ago he decided to create his own hand-held Labyrinth.

The Balance Labyrinth Concept has been designed to use on yourself,  and is meant to compliment TBP for those that may need it.

Shadow Memories reside in our subconscious minds and are the feelings that come from internalised fears and deep-rooted trauma. We can each have thousands of them; in many people they are hardly an issue, but in others they can be totally debilitating and cause them lifelong problems.

Using Alan’s Balance Labyrinth Concept is another way of working on these deep-rooted Shadow Memories. It can take a few moments, and he recommends finding a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Simply follow the instructions on your hard copy labyrinth and start to transform and un-tourque these memories. 

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