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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is The Balance Procedure?
The Balance Procedure is an energy technique designed to fit in with your lifestyle as you are able to access it simply and easily and use it to guide you to a life in Balance. Being calm, relaxed and focused is something we all need and this state can be achieved instantly when you use this technique, we call it being in Balance. The Balance Procedure brings together a wealth of therapies and ideas, It is a non verbal, powerful relaxation process that uses 9 universal energy symbols.
What are your Courses?
It is an accredited training course it is taught up to three levels. Introduction for use on family, friends and animals, the Practitioner and the Trainer.
Who Can Attend Online Trainings?
How Do I Get a Certificate?
After completing the courses, you will receive a signed certificate. All you have to do for this is to complete the course.
What Will the Certificate I Get Benefit From?
By adding the certificate you can improve your career and stand out in job applications. Moreover, the course is very personal and improves your life!