The Practitioner Training blurb

All workshops are accredited and approved in over 26 countries worldwide by leading holistic insurance groups  Workshops for website First workshop now called Beginner Students in TBP Second workshop Advanced Students in TBP Third Workshop Ambassador Level The Advanced Student training is open to anyone who has attended the beginners training and is the next stage […]

Why our meetings are so different?

We held our Balance Procedure conference a few weeks ago and had various of our speakers presenting their experiences of using The Balance Procedure. Right from the first speaker she had us all up on our feet singing a welcome song which we all enjoyed, going from the applause at the end. All the speakers […]

The New Normal

We have been living in what’s being called ‘The new normal’ for quite some time now and what surprises me most is the lack of knowledge most of us have regarding the impositions we are living under. How have we accepted ‘The new normal’ so easily with virtually no real opposition, watching the mainstream news […]

Stop delving in the past

Often when I listen or read articles by various motivational speakers the one thing they all seem to have is a back story that includes instances were they lived on the streets or had traumatic experiences that seemed to be the motivation for them to be the person they are now. Most of these speakers […]

Changing the World

When we observe the news what’s happening in Gaza, the Ukraine crisis and all the other things going on around the world what do we do, I suggest many of us put our heads in the sand and hope all these things just go away. Most of us also want to just carry on with […]

How does The Balance Procedure work?

At a recent workshop I was asked how does The Balance Procedure work…….. “Some delegates at the workshop had quite an advanced knowledge of The Balance Procedure and many knew absolutely nothing, which made for an interesting day.  “I had to remind myself to remember to ask everyone who I interacted with what their knowledge […]